• Stories from the Book of Nin

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From The World of Nin

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From the Book of Nin

The record of Simon the Keeper

Please join me on a fun journey into the Difflewood, and meet Dr. Pink

Joseph Kayne

Come with me braving the billowing surf

The Briney Sea Captain

Have you ever caught a star? Have you gripped one in your fist?

If you havent I suggest you try, you don't know what you've missed.

Simon the Keeper

As keeper I hired the Quinn

Those makers of charms and antiques

To craft trinks in their secretive glen

With the power to keep out the sneaks

Simon the Keeper

What ho, take heart, the work is good

To cast to Earth the dreams of Nin

So hoist the jib and driver mate!

Lets bring good dreams to men

The Cloud Crawlers Chanty